Engineering/Development System for Lab Use

The ULTRA L is a high performance “Lab” system that provides thermal conditioning, mechanical stimulus and an electrical ATE signal path for testing Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Accelerometers and Gyroscopes.

The system is intended for device verification, validation, and device engineering tasks, eliminating the need to use expensive, high volume manufacturing equipment to perform these tasks.

The system allows up to 96 devices to be tested in parallel.

The ULTRA L provides 100% fixture, stimulus and electrical interface compatibility with the ULTRA P high volume manufacturing system


          Low Cost, High Performance Engineering System
          Stimulus, Temp, Signal Compatible with ULTRA P
          Uses Same Carriers as ULTRA P
          High Parallel Test Capability
          Super Accurate ±360 Degree Rotation
          Full Tri-Axial Positioning and Rotation
          -45º to +135º C Temp Range, 1º Accuracy
          1GHz IO Signal Bandwidth
          Low Noise (<1mg) test option