World Class Solutions for Inertial MEMS Handling, Stimulus and Test

The ULTRA Series of high performance MEMS handling, stimulus and test cells provides unparalled flexibility and capability for engineering development, characterization or high volume production test of inertial MEMS (accelerometer, gyroscope) semiconductor devices.

As MEMS device complexity and manufacturing volumes increase, so do the pressures to reduce production costs and unit sales price. ULTRA series test cells provide maximum flexibility and performance along with a significant reduction in Cost of Ownership (COO) and Cost of Test (COT).

The ULTRA L is a “Lab” or engineering unit that allows test development, device characterization, or failure analysis in an economical configuration and footprint.

The ULTRA P “Production” unit provides a fully automated MEMS handler for high volume mass production.  The ULTRA PL is a low cost version of the ULTRA P.

All ULTRA systems provide high performance thermal conditioning, 6 DOF mechanical stimulus and a 1GHz bandwidth electrical ATE signal path. Systems can be configured for 16 to 96 device parallel stimulus and test.


ULTRA Test Cell Features

  • High Parallelism – Modular System Design
    • Configurations of 16, 32, 64, 96 Parallel
    • Easy & Low Cost Upgrades
  • Full Temperature Range – High Thermal Accuracy
    • -40° to +135° C
    • ±1° C Overall Thermal Accuracy
    • No UPH Difference – Ambient vs. Temp!
  • 3 Axis Positioning AND Rotation- Fast and Accurate
    • Test Accelerometers and Gyroscopes
    • Aero Space Grade Rate & Position Accuracy
    • 6 Position Movements in ≈3 seconds
  • Controlled Impedance Signal Path – High Bandwidth
    • DUT to ATE: 50Ω Signal Path
    • 1GHz Signal Bandwidth
  • Socket-less System Design – No Custom Designs
    • Carrier Based System
    • Lower Cost
    • Higher Reliability
    • Quick Turn-around for Change Kits / Package Types
  • Engineering / Production Configurations
    • L – Lab / Engineering – Lowest Cost of Entry
    • P – Fully Automated High Volume Production
    • PL – Low Cost Production System
  • Complete Test Cell
    • Integration with YOUR ATE
    • Full Test Cell provided in partnership with ATE Vendors